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Necessity Of Entering Into Non-Disclosure Agreements With CAD Outsourcing Services (Continued)


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The AEC industry professionals are often scared of losing their important design data when working in tandem with The AEC Associates CAD Outsourcing Services through theft or leakage of their classified information. We discussed, in our previous post, the need to enter into some kind of a confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement being one of them) with CAD outsourcing services to ensure safety of your professional and financial interests. The discussion is continued here to see how exactly a non-disclosure agreement works.

  • Defining the term “confidentiality”

The term “confidentiality” must specifically be defined to make it absolutely clear and unambiguous about which information is not to be disclosed without prior permission.

  • Defining the responsible party

The two parties entering into the non-disclosure agreement must clearly state in the agreement whether both parties are bound by the non-disclosure clause or whether only CAD outsourcing services are bound by it. The first scenario is in case both parties stand to lose in case of a theft or leakage of the classified information; a mutual agreement should be formed in such a scenario. However, if only the client stands the risk in case of a disclosure of information, the contract will be made legally binding for only the outsourcing vendor.

  • Stating the time period

It’s essential to state the Time period for the non-disclosure of the information in the agreement so there is no confusion at a later stage. This may also depend on the laws of the particular region.

Ensuring the safety of your classified data

A non-disclosure agreement ensures the safety of your classified data information and allows you to carry on with your work without worrying about any theft or leakage by including some contractual obligations by the outside vendor. A civil action may be pursued as per the agreement in case of a disclosure, whether intended or unintended.

A confidentiality agreement is a buffer against theft, loss or leakage of your classified information; it also saves you from financial losses and helps you keep good relations with CAD outsourcing services you have hired.

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